Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Barely There: Brown

Hey you guys :) So i went through and did my natural look, it took trial and error and i tried my best to get my camera to take pictures sorry they are kinda low quality. ha. its a family camera so i was borrowing it. :D Ok.. Lets get started!  Soo. you totally cant see it but! :) Its a really pretty light brown. really natural. Natural isnt really my thing but im sure its bound to be some ones :))
 All the products i used. Brushes: E.L.F Professional Face Brush and E.L.F Defining eye shadow Brush  Powder: L'Oreal True Powder (warm) Concealer: maybelline Super Stay Concealer Mascara: maybelline True Falsies Volume Express Mascara and The Palette is ELF 100 Palette. In that palette is 3 browns. From the 10th row second color to the right row and up three shades. Hope maybe you guys can do something with this.. i know its not great but its a trial and error thing. :P

My Mission: What is TBBB??

Hey guys! :) So its my first blog post, it has NOTHING to do with makeup at all for now lol. :P Anyways, I created this blog because not only do i enjoy makeup, but i know many many of us do to :) I have a to get this out here first- younger girls.. I know make up is really nice and makes us feel pretty, but PLEASE don't forget, true beauty is past all the makeup... its about character and integrity. :) I really would like ideas so for my first post comments are welcome for some requests to get me started. haha. Yeah. I wont do videos but pictures, yeah tons and tons of pictures for sure :P I have nothing to do for the summer so through out my summer i will gladly post looks and give all the product names :) I think i may do a natural look first, since it being summer and hot and sticky down here in the South it makes my makeup sweat off and makes me look like a wax figure :( ha. Sorry im a rambler. haha anyways like i said leave me comments and i will post them later on today or tomorrow maybe.. anyways.