Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Mission: What is TBBB??

Hey guys! :) So its my first blog post, it has NOTHING to do with makeup at all for now lol. :P Anyways, I created this blog because not only do i enjoy makeup, but i know many many of us do to :) I have a to get this out here first- younger girls.. I know make up is really nice and makes us feel pretty, but PLEASE don't forget, true beauty is past all the makeup... its about character and integrity. :) I really would like ideas so for my first post comments are welcome for some requests to get me started. haha. Yeah. I wont do videos but pictures, yeah tons and tons of pictures for sure :P I have nothing to do for the summer so through out my summer i will gladly post looks and give all the product names :) I think i may do a natural look first, since it being summer and hot and sticky down here in the South it makes my makeup sweat off and makes me look like a wax figure :( ha. Sorry im a rambler. haha anyways like i said leave me comments and i will post them later on today or tomorrow maybe.. anyways.


  1. Congrats- that was fast! lol A good first post might be a makeup tag game because it will give us a little insight about your makeup likes and dislikes. Good luck with your page!

  2. That was fast but yay! welcome to the blogging world =)
    you could a tag such as random facts about me or what's in my makeup bag.
    you could also do summer must have items, reviews on items you've already tried, anything.

    I'd love for you to check out my blog, maybe get some ideas:

  3. I just threw one thing together as of right now.. haha. i really am still working on the look and how im going to actually type things out and stuff... lol. Nothing to bog as of right now.. i might do Outfits of the day or something.. i dunno. :)